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Called to serve in the Michigan, Detroit Mission in the Spanish language from September 2014- September 2016

Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 12 - Merry Christmas!!!

Well it's a new transfer, I'm 19 as of yesterday, Christmas is coming up and I'll be able to Skype my family, and I love my new companion Elder Birch!

Before I got Elder Birch I asked God to give me a companion I can really be friends with and he did just that! Me and Elder Birch have hit it off great! But I cannot wait to see what this transfer will bring!

I got my first flat on my bike today, so yay for that.... It didn't just have one hole, it had about 10 all the way around it... I not sure what the heck I ran over to do that but it's ok, we have spare tires!!

So Elder Birch is from Lehi Utah, and actually spent his first three months in Detroit River North too, so it's really nice to have someone with a knowledge of the area with me even though if he didn't I would be able to manage just fine. But the members in the branch love him, and he, like I, has a great love for them! Missionary work isn't work anymore, it's a vacation! Elder Birch is so open with seeing anyone in our area, which is super nice because we have seen great blessings come from giving previous investigators another chance at the gospel.

I notice that the Lord prepares people every where we go, everyone in our path is being prepared for the restored gospel! No matter where we are we bump into people all the time that are members, previous investigators, investigators, and random people we don't even know that stop us to ask us questions. I have decided that when we see someone we know outside of a church activity or in their homes then that is the Lord telling us we need to see them! There are no coincidences in our lives, whether by the choices we have made or by guidance from the Lord, EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

I have seen and heard gruesome things in my sort time in Detroit, I've taught a man who was chopped up really bad by a gangster with a machete, I've been told a dead man was outside of a high school this last week, and I have seen horrible wounds on innocent children from child abuse. It's not right. (and you told me not to hold back my experiences mom, just be aware of that.) But none the less I have seen more beauty here in Detroit than I have anywhere else and it is because of how I choose to apply myself to the gospel. The beauty of the gospel is all around us. I am seeing the gospel touch so many lives and especially me! We have one investigator on date and I really hope he pulls through. His name is D'ante and he has come to church, had lessons in the church and has read everything we have given him! He is loving the gospel and has a strong desire to change his life! Unfortunately Hector does not want to meet with us anymore and refuses to look at us and wont explain why even after all the amazing things he has experienced he doesn't want to be taught, so please pray for him and his brother Jazziel who is still taking the lessons, but has a hard time remembering his desire to live the gospel.

As for my Birthday, I honestly forgot my own birthday, but it was all fine with me! There is work to be done! And I didn't tell any of the members about my birthday because it was on Sunday and they already have a hard enough time with keeping the Sabbath day holy sooo haha. And I really didn't want to get my face smashed in cake so that was another reason I didn't say anything. But it was a great and successful missionary work day for my Birthday!

I love you all Merry Christmas!

PS: we might not have a white Christmas this year! There's no snow on the ground!    

Graffiti pictures of the week! (Be aware that I have TONS of graffiti pictures saved up for this weekly thing, so please do not assume that these pictures are up to date) 

 Sister Ferriera and her family, and Elder Bardalez (Sister Ferriera is basically my mission mom) but she still can"t compare to the one I have at home :)

 I saw a possum this week, it's essentially a large ugly rat the size of a cat...

close up possum

 I'm not the missionary Detroit needs, but the one it deserves (say in a low, dark, scratchy voice like batman haha)

This tree ate the pole holding these signs!!

this is my new companion Elder Birch! I love him!

Santa Claus is black up in Detroit! haha

Me and Elder Birch!

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