My Mission Call

Called to serve in the Michigan, Detroit Mission in the Spanish language from September 2014- September 2016

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 4

Well, this week has passed by quickly and I've only got one more week left!

I've learned so much! In the mission there are four levels of missionary work. Lv1, Be Worthy (if you stay on level one then you are just trying to make it by while on your mission), Lv2, Work Hard (if you stay on level two then you are working hard but not quite yet as the Lord would have you do it), Lv3, Pray Unceasingly (if you stay on level three you will receive guidance and know more about how the Lord works), and finally Lv4, Exercise Faith (Once here you are one with the will of the Lord and true miracles will start to happen, and you will be able to perform the Lords will by prompting and faith, and it is through this we can reach the level of potential the Lord sees in us).

This week Elder Godoy (who also spoke in General Conference) came and spoke to us for our devotional. He spoke about many amazing things, one of them was the four levels of missionary work. Another thing he spoke about was the doubtfulness of the missionaries in the Book Of Mormon before Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah. He spoke about how before these legendary missionaries, the Lord's servants were doubtful and said that it was impossible to teach the people of the Lamanites because of their blood-thirst and their wickedness. But Elder Godoy stopped there to say that the Lord can do anything, anywhere (Alma 26:24-27). This is why the sons of Mosiah and Alma were so successful, it was because of their faith in their Lord.

I also have learned a lot about revelation, I have come to the decision that with the Lord revelation is limited to three things. First, is worthiness. We all can obtain revelation and answers at any point on the scale of obedience, however, the quantity and quality of them is completely dependent on our worthiness. Second, revelation, which is also limited to your next step in the walk of faith, knowledge, and salvation. For example, the Brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon was so faithful, worthy and ready for his next step in progression that he saw the Hand of God. After he took that step, he was ready to see the full presence of the Lord. (I hope this all makes sense, if not, pray to understand haha). The type of revelation given to us is completely dependent on what the Lord knows we are ready for and it is when we continuously take those steps, that all can be revealed to us. Third, revelation is also limited to the next step of progression for those we are receiving it for. For example, I cannot give revelation above the readiness of those investigators I am receiving it for. This is why in the Book of Mormon it says many times that "the words which were said can not be written because of the greatness of them." it says that because we ourselves are not ready to hear them, but we all can obtain them, so long as we are worthy, faithful, and ready. It is with these three limitations of revelation that we are really not limited at all. So it is with the commandments of God, they do not limit us, they really free us.

As you can see, this has been a fulfilling week. Many great things have happened. I love to be able to bring others closer to the Lord with the power of the words he gives me. And the same has been given to me by other missionaries. The revelation I have given and shared with others is a true blessing to me. We are all servants of His Work and soldiers in His Royal Army.

The Lord is my God, and I am His humble servant. We should all be like Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride, brought down to humility, with our eyes closed and our swords before us ready with faith for our Father to guide us. (this is what I call "doing the Inigo Montoya" haha)

Mail should no longer come to me at the Provo MTC.  Please use the Michigan Detroit Mission Office address.

Elder Samuel Alger
33505 State Street, Ste 101
Farmington, MI 48335

Adios my friends, God be with you!
Elder Alger

This is me and my companion and Sister Anderson, and Sister Stringfellow again. they're at the Mesa temple now. Don't forget to say hi for me!

This is my zone.

Laundry room fun.

More fun in the laundry room

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

His address has been changed for the next two weeks and then he will have a Detroit Michigan address.
Samuel Afton Alger
2013 N 900 E. Unit 380
Provo, UT 84604

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Week 3 Bonus Pictures and Videos

Here's a silly picture of my companion Elder Pyle and I with some Heremanas (sisters) that are going to be serving at the Mesa Temple in the Spanish Language! The red head is Hermana Stringfellow, and the other holding her is Hermana Anderson! They are wonderful servents of the Lord, if you see them make sure to say hi and talk to them!

Pics of the District

Doing a little missionary modeling

Here's some caricatures of our district (Elder Clarke in the photo made them)

I fell asleep in my personal study

Here's the district on Temple Day!

This is a game we play sometimes for our language study time, we have certain conjugations on the board and if the person saying the conjugation says the one the splasher chose, then... well... they get splashed!

This video is of me and Elder Clarke arguing about magic and a bunch of random stuff

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 3

Well, this week has been quite insane. I don't even know what to say. It's been both an inspiring and discouraging week. We are now teaching lessons almost every day now in complete Spanish. It's amazing how much my Spanish improves when I teach the gospel.

However, I'm learning over and over again that this is God's work, not mine. I find myself struggling with patience, faith, and feeling like I have done enough. And I know that I feel this way because even the work of this gospel itself is something way greater than me. If I want to truly do my best and feel like I am doing everything I possibly can for my mission I need to be at the Lord's side all the way through it.

I have also learned that I must not let any of the Lord's words fall to the ground, like unto Christ and young Samuel. Samuel and Christ increased in their wisdom because they let none of the Lord's words fall to the ground or in other words they didn't allow His words to not be fulfilled. Peter describes that He did not have a perfect knowledge, and faith immediately but by grace upon grace He obtained the fullness of all things and the knowledge of the Kingdom of God. So can we be like unto Christ, by grace upon grace.

On a side note I had my first "fight" with one of the missionaries in my district. Or in other words we had fun wrestling! We ended up putting a hole in the wall and fixed to to perfection with nothing but shoe goo, white out, toothpaste, and chocolate milk for coloring! So I can check that of my bucket list!

The work is good! Adios amigos!

step 1, shoe goo

step 2, a little white out

Step 3, a little toothpaste and chocolate milk mixture for color and it looks bran-spankin new hahaha

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 2

Hola! Week two is over! The days are long but the weeks are fast. Basically my days consist of a 3 hour study period in the morning, one for personal study, one for companionship study, and another for language study. Then after lunch and exercise hour we have a 3 hour period for language/ spiritual lessons given by my teacher Hermano Wolfe. And then after dinner we have another period just like the previous, but with my other teacher Hermano Norton. I have a good 15 pounds of Spanish books we are studying from that were given to me immediately when I got here. The language is hard but it's coming. I can bare my testimony, pray, and say the first vision in Spanish now!

The only days that have different schedules are Sunday, Tuesday, and of course, Wednesday (My Preparaion Day or Pday). Sunday and Tuesday we have devotionals and so far we have had several members of the quorum of the 70 come to speak to us and Vai Sikahema who is a retired NFL player for the Packers! He also was the first Tongan to ever be in the NFL. The devotionals have helped a lot. Being here at the MTC I have been so conflicted with what I need to be worrying about or what my priorities need to be. Whether I should focus on edifying myself or completely focus on others. But through the devotionals I know now that even though my mission is about serving others, it's also about me, and putting myself higher on the ladder so I can lift others up. 

Singing in Conference was amazing! I loved the spirit there as we sang, and I Ioved being so close to the speakers! After conference we had many people from the 70 come up and speak to us, annnd Elder Russel M. Nelson came and spoke to us too! Of course I couldn't understand a word any of them said because the organ behind us was still playing, but it was still cool! And I know you probably didn't see me if you were looking for me, and that's because I prayed that the camera wouldn't put me on hahahaha. I prayed before we sang that I would be able to sing with the spirit and that I wouldn't worry about whether I got on camera or not and that it wouldn't distract me from singing with the spirit. But if you'd like to go back and see my little body in a zoomed out frame, I was singing with the 1st Tenors allllllll the way to the left, literally next to the wood railing on the fifth row up! And if you'd like a closer look at me I know that there is one time during a song that you could see my hair haha. 

To finish I'd probably say my favorite part at the MTC so far is the relationship I am creating with my Heavenly Father. I have asked many questions and with in minutes I received answers. When you are seeking answers for things that concern the serving of others or edifying yourself to be able to better serve others, Heavenly Father won't hold back. And I will testify that if you want answers, ask questions to your Heavenly Father through prayer and seek answers in the scriptures. All of the answers I have received from Him in my two weeks here have been in the scriptures. Of course sometimes we need patience, we work in Heavenly Father's time. Ponder your questions oft and seek answers in the scriptures. Amen!
Elder Alger
Fall Actually Exists in Utah!!!!!

I'm all the way on the left, 5th row from the bottom

My hair in the bottom right corner
Rise Up, O Men of God

Ye Elders of Israel

Missionary Medley

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First News From the MTC

Well it's been an interesting week! There's so much to do! It turns out I'm the only missionary going to the Michigan, Detroit Spanish speaking mission in the entire MTC! Which is a bummer, but my district is great. We are district 135b and it consists of eight elders. My companion is Elder Samuel Pyle, he's from West Valley Utah and is going to the Florida, Orlando Spanish speaking mission. The other missionaries missions are Ecuador, Argentina, and Columbia! The first thing I did when I got to the MTC was go to our classroom.  I was the first elder to get there and I was alone with our teacher who will only speak Spanish to us, even on the first day. Spanish is fun but very intimidating. This last week I have successfully told our practice Spanish investigator that I was pregnant and told my teacher that "he pleases me"..... awesome right?? I've learned that if I want to be successful my drive must not be for myself but for the others I will be teaching. This applies to Spanish, or gospel doctrine.

But here is some great news! I am going to be singing in the General Conference MTC Choir for the priesthood session! and they said every one of us will get camera time, so be looking for me! It's really nice to be in a choir again I feel like it keeps me sane sometimes, even if I can successfully fall asleep while in the middle of singing! Brother Eggett (who is a friend our family met during the summer) remembered my name immediately, which was an honor!

While up here you really need to know why you are here. The first four days were miserable because I was so concerned about myself. But as I've been here I've learned that I need to act, learn, and teach with love as my drive. And when you are constantly seeking to love and help others you forget all your own problems, because so long as we are in the service of our God  and His children, He will fix our concerns according to our faith.

But out of this whole week, the biggest thing that has stuck out to me is that it doesn't matter if I have to faith to move mountains, if I don't have charity, I am nothing.


Elder Alger

Brother Eggett, the MTC choir director and me

Good friend from home, Zack Rolfe, reported to the MTC the same day as me.

There is already snow on the mountains!