My Mission Call

Called to serve in the Michigan, Detroit Mission in the Spanish language from September 2014- September 2016

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Served With All Diligence

OK, Loves,  I'm back home.  Due to an honorable medical release, and as a result of that the Lord has revealed to me that my work in Detroit is done and that I need to hasten the work and continue to serve as a tool in the hand of the Lord on the home front. I couldn't be happier to be home and to be with the ones that I love.  And I am excited for what life and Lord will bring me.  I will miss those that the Lord has brought into my path, back in what I now call home, Detroit. And I pray as I continue to work hard here that the Lord will bless my new family that I have left back in Michigan. My heart will always be with them and I will do all that I can to maintain contact and visit. I am happiest where the Lord wants me to be.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 30

Emailed back and forth with Mom a lot this week and didn't have time to send a letter for the blog, but sent a few pics for the week from his new area.

Graffiti picture of the week!

This is Maria and Ricardo, I was working with them when I was in Detroit for 2 months and they are soon to be married and baptized, I will be able to receive special permission to go back for their baptism on the 16th of May!

Well here I am in "rich town" or in other words Canton Michigan. The people here are extremely well off!

Just to give you an idea of how well off this city is is that there are NFL players living in these neighborhoods!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 29 - Feels Like a Second Mission Call

Much has happened this week. We have taught a lot, worked a lot and prayed even more. It seems as though Detroit was giving it's own way of saying good bye to me, I've never had so many people just wave and say hi or good morning to us and I've also never experienced so much love and support from people we absolutely do not know. A large Mexican man yelled at us to come over to him (which normally means trouble in Detroit) but he bought Elder Sawyer and I 3 tacos each and said "That's it?! You need more!" I got 3 Tacos con tripa or 3 tacos with cow intestines, it's actually pretty good! We convinced him that we were just fine and asked him why he did all this and he just said because he loves the missionaries and Mormons, so we left with huge smiles on our faces! I've also never had so many people compliment my Spanish or really just say look at how much you have learned in only 7 months, it's really nice to not feel like a failure haha. But I know why it's all possible and may the praise be God's forever. But yes my friends I am leaving, and I don't know where I am going, all I know is I am leaving this part of Detroit and it feels like leaving home again, I had a hard time sleeping Saturday night after transfer calls. I slept better the night before I was leaving to the MTC that's how much I love this place. But I know that I am happier where the Lord wants me to be. I will be back Detroit!

My loved ones, on another note when the call comes will you be prepared? I had the opportunity to give blessing this week to a young girl who completely messed up her leg and wore two different braces and had crutches. During the blessing I felt impressed to command her to be healed. But the impression was so quick, so subtle that I nearly missed it and I didn't use the words Heavenly Father had given me to begin with but towards the end of the prayer I corrected myself. The next day she was completely of the braces but still had the crutches but nevertheless had made great improvement. God has power over all and though He can work his wonders without us He has given the Priesthood that He may bless man by working through them. I am confident that it was because of my unpreparedness that she was not completely healed. Thus I say when the call comes, will you be prepared? The call will be swift and quiet. Will you hear it? Will you complete the task as commanded or will you stagger? Let us always be prepared to allow God to work His wonders through us, for His work is the Work of Wonders and he has given us each a part to play in His Marvelous Work.

Until next week,
Elder Samuel Afton Alger

Us and Lawrence (a less active we are working with)

graffiti picture of the week

 I now actually know what they mean when the primary kids sing popcorn popping! haha 

popcorn popping 

wood pecker, I love all the different birds out here!

the popcorn tree 

popcorn popping has a whole knew meaning for me now!

Well looks like I'm leaving the homeland of Detroit after being here for 6 months, these are some people I have gotten pretty close too! 
left to right: Elder Sawyer, Itamar, Me haha, Lawrence, Salvador, Hermano Flores, Hermana Flores, Hermana Ferreira, and in the front is Hermano Islas (our branch mission leader) 

President Junca (sorry it's blurry) oh and by the way I got that suit at salvation army for 9 bucks haha 

President Bobo!

bike ridin

this is bullet, our "pet" stray dog that comes around for some loves

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 28 - Live for Christ

So just one thing I'd love to note is that I have new found joy in ironing my shirts, there is just something relaxing and wonderful about it. I know I'm weird.

We have been told to become saints through Christ and the more I am out on my mission the more I learn how difficult the challenges Christ faced were. We face similar challenges in our days and these challenges can become increasingly difficult. It is through these challenges that I have learned just exactly why man is so much more willing to die for Christ than to live for Christ. Why is that though? Well, it's because man is weak. Man can be willing to suffer his body to be burned in the name of Christ and have the faith to move mountains, but if he does not live for Christ than he has nothing. I have learned so much on my mission, my loved ones. I know that our sufferings here on the earth truly are for but a small moment and it is after we have LIVED for Christ that we will have eternity to be at peace.

But do we have to suffer in all the time that we spend here on earth? Absolutely not. We know that man is that he might have joy. But if we do not keep the commandments of the very god that has given us that promise then we ourselves have no promise. We must be willing to put everything we have on the altar of sacrifice, for what we have in this life is not ours, that time will come in the next life. We must be willing to sacrifice everything my friends, nothing is of more worth or value than the pearl of great price. Through sacrifice we find the things of real value, the things we have really desired all along. Sacrifice undoes the failing sight of man and it is then when we sacrifice all that we can see as God sees and we have unfailing desire to act only in the ways of life.

I love you all, until next week,
Elder Alger

PS If you have time this video expresses much of what I have spoken about, John Tanner is a huge example to me. (Shout out to the Tanner family for having such a great ancestor!)

I had the honor of working with my zone leader Elder Heidi, What I lion of a man, I love him!

The abandoned train station, that been used in several movies including the first transformers! 

One big cheesy smile for the camera!

Just another super cool church here in Detroit!

Just another one of the church

Just posing for the camera, my clothes are waaaay too big on me!

These flags pretty much represent all of Detroit.

Graffiti pics of the week

Love it!!!

 A couple years ago our branch used to meet in this building! Now its abandoned! 

Some parts of Detroit are beautiful still! haha

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 27 - A Wedding and Baptisms to Come!

So for two transfers here in the South Detroit River Area Elder Sawyer and I have been working with a family. The mother and father's names are Maria and Ricardo and they have one 8 year old son Juan who is fantastic and an ADORABLE little baby girl named Victoria. Maria has known something was different with what we were talking about from the very start. In one lesson she said  "When I did my communions in Catholic church I felt something, but nothing like this." She has been super sensitive to the spirit from the start and has lead her family in this courageous life-changing path. Her boyfriend Ricardo has been a little slower but it has been exactly what he needed. He was feeling the spirit but not asking the necessary questions. He has always been more than supportive of us and our teachings and Maria's desire to be baptized by proper priesthood authority but hasn't felt the call for himself.

We've been working for weeks with Ricardo trying to help him get his answer and what it came down to was he cannot get an answer if he doesn't ask! Well, he finally did ask God if the Book of Mormon is true and got his answer in a way God knew it would confirm to him that he needs to be baptized.

Since this moment Maria and Ricardo have been on fire, swallowing all of the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom in one sitting and ready to follow all the rules with no fear or concern. They simply asked, where can we get married and which of our tea do we need to throw away?

But as we come to a closing of this transfer with only two weeks left and the dates of the marriage and baptism undecided, it may come to the point where I may not be here to witness it. But I don't really care! Whether these ordinances are performed or viewed by me it does not matter, so long as they partake of these necessary saving ordinances!!

They will always be a part of my life, even after my mission, they will be under my loving care for the rest of my life!

Let us not overwhelm ourselves with confusion and emotions, settling for the little bursts of the spirit we can feel like Ricardo only some short time ago. But seek answers by asking and by partaking of the whole fruit!

Until next week!
Elder Alger

Graffiti pics of the week!

Yep! Here are the new specs! This mission thing is turning me into a nerd!

Just demolishing the burnt houses of Detroit!

Forgive my saggy suit, I look like such a dork!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week 26 - Our Search for Happiness

So, side note, I've hit 40lbs lost on my mission, so yay for that!

I don't feel necessarily prompted to write an outrageously long letter. And there are many cool things I'd love to share with all of you about doctrine, however I desire to share what the Lord would have me share.

But I recently watched a video about Wilford Woodruff in the beginning of the church that I found SO MUCH peace from. He spoke of the need for prophets and apostles and priesthood and authority. I know that this church is the true church and I know that by fact and truth, mind and spirit, knowledge and revelation. If a man truly seeks to follow Christ, he would follow the words of this restored gospel. I feel as though I should ask you all to take 15mins of your time to watch the video in the link. All of God's blessings, promises and covenants are back on the earth and every man can partake of them.

But concerning this video I was touched by the sincere effort of  Brother Woodruff (later to be President Woodruff) because he had such a pure heart. The sincerity of his efforts in this video nearly brought me to tears. And just to think that all he was searching and longing for is something that I have and that I am sharing with everyone. I love this gospel. And I love you.

Until next time, loves!
Elder Alger

Graffiti pictures of the week. I had enough graffiti pictures for each week of my entire mission with in the first 3 months haha! So, I may send two pictures every so often.

Pasole, a delicious Mexican dish given to us by Hermana Ferreira! 

Got a new blanket. Yo!

Burning a tie for the 6 month mark!

One of 1000's of dismal houses

The great and spacious casino next to us!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blog Post by Email

We are in the process of making Sam's mission blog private. If you want to continue getting Sam's blog posts by email, please email me and let me know. I will make sure you get on the new email list.  (stephaniealger at gmail dot com)

Thanks for loving my boy and supporting him as he serves the Lord!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Just to see if emails still go out to followers now that the blog is private.  Let me know if you get this.  Thanks,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 25 - Trying times will come

So, one little note. As a kid I loved birds, and I do not doubt that this love came from Gram (my beautiful grandma on my mother's side). So, going on about that, I loved reading and studying everything about birds. Though I do not do that anymore, nor have I done that for years, a little piece of my childhood comes out deep within me when I see a Cardinal, which was without a doubt my favorite bird in this world. I don't know what it is, but I still have strange connections with this bird. And what do you know? Michigan has Cardinals! They aren't everywhere but enough to let you know that they are still there.

On to the week though. This week I tracted (a word for knocked doors) down on of the hardest streets I have ever done in my time here in Detroit. From gangbangers to faith shaking questions from the bitter. But I say "faith shaking", because that is truly how I felt when we stopped by a specific door. What caused this shake of my faith well one, this rather unpleasant man asked questions that I had never thought of, nor did I know the answers to, but also the fault and cause is my own. I allowed my faith to be shaken. This experience made me sick. Though this man placed these questions like a knife to the heart, how could I just pack all my bags and leave the gospel? I know in some situations some may choose to do so, that even though this gospel is the only true and full gospel in this earth, because it seemed for a moment, imperfect, incomplete, and unanswered they would pack their bags and leave. They would quit. Because for a moment we had a stumbling block, a stupor of thought. Well, I ask you brothers and sisters, if you have had, or are currently experiencing this kind of event in your life whether the situations are similar to mine or not, how could you just leave something that has brought so much love and light in your life? How could you just quit on yourself and your God? Do you not know that if you lack wisdom to ask of God? That by faith, patience and diligence all may be revealed? I encourage you that if you are backed up to the wall of faith, DO NOT JUST QUIT. Trying times will come, prepare yourselves, take arms, and put on the full armor of God. These times are meant to be endured and given to us that we may have more strength in He who is the source of all strength. Don't give up the eternities because of few short moments. Test the promises of the gospel, find the answers that will be given us. And prepare yourself more than I, that when that time comes you may fully be able to testify of the truthfulness of this gospel.

So, a question you may ask. Has Elder Alger now received his answers? He must have! Look at how he defends his faith! I can tell you no, I have not received my answers but they will come, in God's time. But because He hasn't given me answers does that mean He is not there? No, He is there, and He has told me so, through scripture study and prayer. And answers will come. But until then He comforts me.

Take comfort in Him, even in your trying times and He will carry you.

Until next time,
Elder Samuel Afton Alger

Graffiti picture of the week!

Bon Jovi, Santana, Stevie Wonder and many more have walk through this store.

 Just a cool looking church that a lot of people got to out here. It's called Holy Redeemer.

Gotta love this book!