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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 16 - An Apostle of the Lord

This last week has been an enlightening experience. We had the opportunity to see one of the 12 Apostles that the Lord has living today in these modern times! We were visited by Elder Dallin H. Oaks!

Throughout all of my life I have always wanted a relationship with the Lord as one of His apostles would and I got to see exactly how I can do just that. So, I had the opportunity to shake Elder Oak's hand and share a hello, and honestly, to have this opportunity alone was an honor. However, throughout his words and throughout the experience as a whole I was trying to see, "what is the difference between me and Elder Oaks" (obviously other than calling and age). After doing so, I came up with a conclusion by the Spirit, that the biggest difference between all of the Lord's children and his Apostles is, humility. Elder Oaks, though he is an Apostle, he is merely a man, and I was able to see that with my own eyes. There is nothing particularly special about him or something he was given that we ourselves weren't given that made him more capable, what this man had which most all of us fail to exercise is humility.

I personally as a servant of the Lord, sacrificing 2 years of my life, cannot, and will not take credit for any of the success that I may see. None of us share even a particle of the credit for the strength and the success of this work, for it is not done by my hands but the Lord's through me. It is by God's strength and our willingness there is conversion. I don't make the difference, God does, the only thing I am capable of doing in this life is humbling myself. It was by humility the waters of the Red Sea were parted, it was by humility Lazarus was risen from the dead, it is was by humility that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, atoned for us, it was by humility that the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored again on the earth in its fullest, and it is by humility that the seed of faith can find place in our hearts. It is by humility that wounds and mistakes are healed, it is by humility that we can have the strength to not only endure, but to succeed. It is by humility that all things and miracles alike can come to pass. It is by humility that we can obtain eternal salvation. It is by humility that the true words of Christ are spoken and heard within the depths of our soul. It is by humility that you can know the truth of God's words, and you will rise out of the seat in which you sit upon now and you will take upon yourself baptism by the living and true power and authority of God, which is the Priesthood and you will live and remember the oath and covenant you take upon yourself through baptism.

In short my loved ones, I call us all to repentance. For if the Lord came in the tomorrow morn, would our faith be sufficient enough. I say unto you nay, for we have not been sufficiently humbled.

My heart mourns for those who will hear the words of the restored gospel of Christ and will not act upon them, nor see for themselves if it is true. For if only they would ask with real intent and seek out the true words of Christ which are only found in there fullest state in this church, which is His. Then they would know it is true because of their willingness to act. Because to have real intent means that you would act if you shall receive it. But let us remember that the Lord does not have need for a church, for He has His gospel, but it is in His church that we can receive the ordinances of His Gospel. Therefore let us have conversion not to His church but to His gospel. For it is only by conversion to His gospel that we will stand unshaken. The church is only living because Christ is at the head of it, and because we can have the gift of the Holy Ghost, and the gift of a living prophet which gives us access to living and continuous revelation.

These words do not pass over those who have already found themselves in the Gospel of Christ for if they truly found themselves in the Gospel of Christ they would see that the have much to do and more to sacrifice.

Let us be stagnant no more, let us find life, love, and happiness as we share and receive His word. And let us not take on this responsibility alone but with our loved ones and with Christ.

I love you all so much and I am sorry if my words are confusing and I am sorry that I use some old English, it just made more sense to say it that way. Please take hold of these words and seek the better words, those of God's true and elect prophets.

Until next time,
Elder Samuel Afton Alger

My favorite quote from this last week:
"We do not serve God well if we fear man more than God... We are called to establish the Lord's standards, not to follow the world's. Elder John A. Widtsoe declared, 'We cannot walk as other men, or do as other men, for we have a different destiny, obligation, and responsibility placed upon us, and we must fit ourselves [to it]' [In Conference Report, Apr. 1940, 36]."

​I guess I can sleep through anything after a hard days work!

This is how most stores are here in Detroit, with bullet proof glass...

abandoned house

one step at a time

Detroit Michigan Car Show

The 2016 Ford Mustang

2016 Corvette Stingray

Our little Mexican friend got on the news haha

 You can see my hang loose sign in the windshield of the 2016 Chevy Camero  


2016 Dodge Viper

The Mercedes F015, it is a prototype to be released to purchase by the public sometime around 2030. It is a full functional prototype and doesn't currently have a price, but when it is released it will be in the S Class range. 

The license plate is a QR code!!!

The inside is full of fully functional and interactive touch screens!

smiling outside the show

Downtown Detroit

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