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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 18 - Whatta Week! What Would My Life Be like Without the Gospel!

"As your understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase." Preach My Gospel

Well, here I am at the beginning of a new transfer and I am with Elder Sawyer! Elder Sawyer and I came in to the mission at the same time so I guess the Lord trust us enough to put two missionaries fresh out of  "in field training" with the largest area in the Detroit River District. It's really nothing to brag about because we are also the smallest district in the mission too haha. But first day in the Detroit South area you'll never guess what we did! We de-bedbugafied our apartment! Ya, it wasn't that fun...

But throughout the week we've worked with a bunch of people, drug attics, alcoholics, less active members and unfortunately a witch... like a practicing witch... so when we realized that we got out of the house haha, but he was a ginger headed man so he doesn't even know his own religion Elder Sawyer said, "HE'S A WIZARD NOT A WITCH!" it was pretty funny, so anyways we aren't going there again.

But also I've been pretty ticked off... I've never burnt so many things in my life... I don't understand. Being on the mission has apparently made me lose all of my basic cooking skills... I'm talking I stinkin' burned three microwavable bags of popcorn in a row! I don't understand haha. But I've lost another 3 pounds so maybe this is a good thing haha I'm at 28lbs lost now since the beginning of my mission!

Also this week, we had the 3rd largest storm in Michigan since 1794 or something like that. There is so much snow it ridiculous. Half of Detroit is shut down right now because stuff has been snowed in and just because people don't feel like working... we as missionaries have helped push endless cars out of snow... It's been quite the experience!

But now I'd like to get to business. So, we had an excellent lesson this last week with an investigator, and it was only possible because we had a member come and teach with us (so get out there and teach with the missionaries). It's because we as missionaries aren't human beings to people. People think that we are only able to live the gospel so well because we are missionaries, the truth is we are human beings too and we have temptations just like anyone else. Nonetheless, there is something about having a member in a lesson that just helps an investigator absorb everything that's being taught. So our investigator has been struggling because she doesn't have any support from her father, and her mother wants her to "search other religions before she picks one" which would be soooooo silly because she has the only true and living gospel right in front of her! So our lesson really came down to her asking what would our lives be like without the gospel. What a question. What would our lives be like without the gospel? Have you thought about that for yourself? We all shared really heartfelt testimonies and really the one I know she took in the most was of the member we had with us.

But I'd like to say right now, what would my life be without the gospel.

My life would be aimless and I would see the reality of my in-capabilities. Just growing up as kid, I have always had such a desire to love people with all of my very being and because of this I have desired to have a wife and family since I could think clearly for myself. But I know that it is only because of God and his gospel that I can ever hope to fulfill my righteous desires. So where would I be without the gospel? I really think I would be exactly opposite of where I would have wanted to be in my life right now. The gospel gives me the strength to love that I don't have the ability to give. So I think right now if I didn't have the gospel I would still be searching to love, that I know for sure. But, I would be trying to go about it in ways that never last. I would be in a place of endless confusion, with an empty heart, and unfulfilled dreams. The world offers no strength or feelings that last. Only the gospel does. I encourage you all to see how the gospel has blessed you and ask yourself if you want those blessings in your life to continue and if you want even more. Those blessings are all available for us we just need to recognize that it is only through the gospel that they are available.

I love you all so much!
Elder Alger

the beginning of the blizzard

My new apartment!

Yes, this is the tiny shower I posted from a visit earlier in my mission.  Now it is mine full time.  hahaha


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Companion selfie

This is an incredibly cool elementary school building. 

it's stinkin' cold

frozen smile

Elder Sawyer and I, I love this guy

just the day before the blizzard

And a couple of short videos of me in the storm

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