My Mission Call

Called to serve in the Michigan, Detroit Mission in the Spanish language from September 2014- September 2016

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 20 - The Drop

Well, I now know how to love someone so much that you'll drop them. We had an investigator who has been struggling with alcoholism and keeping his commitments. He is so sincere and I love him so much but he can't progress unless he stops drinking and keeps his commitments. There's was no point in us teaching him more. He wouldn't have retained what we taught him because of what he is doing to himself. However, when we walked into the lesson with this investigator, this was the last thing on my and Elder Sawyer's minds. We love this man so much. But when we checked up on how he was doing with drinking, even though I just wanted to push it aside and keep teaching him and hope everything would go alright, the Holy Ghost told me otherwise. So I stopped right there when he had given us his little story of why he hasn't stopped, and no doubt we have shown the mercy of God to this man and have given him weeks and weeks of chances to change, this time even though I didn't want to, I stopped. As I waited and the silence in the room took over, I told him we can't be here anymore. It threw him kind of off. I told him, "There are no excuses or stories that can get you away from making the choice you fear most. I know you really want to quit drinking and you see how it has destroyed your life but you are still not stopping. Of course there is an addiction you have to deal with but you aren't doing the part you need to do to allow God to help you with your addiction. The question you have in front of you is clear, you are either going to get all of the alcohol you have in this house and dump it out and show God you are willing to change or you're not. There is literally no other path you can take right now, and it's the same with all of us despite the things we say to ourselves, the answer is always yes or no. And the one you choose is going to decide whether or not we can come back... We love you and we don't want to leave you but depending on what you choose you will either be bringing us closer to you or pushing us away. So what will it be? Yes or no? Are you going to dump out your alcohol right now?" To our great sorrow, he said, "I'm just going to drink the rest and then stop." I told him, "That's not the choice you really have before you, the choice you really have before you is yes or no." After that he sad a slow and sad, "No, I can't... "

I told him, "We act in the ways of God and His Holy Spirit and just like Them unfortunately we have to leave because of the choice you have just made, so I'm sorry but we have to leave for a while until you truly decide you want to change. We love you so much though and as soon as you are willing, know that we have our hands out to take you in. And you are free to call us at anytime but we have to go now."

Though harsh and bold he knew exactly why we were doing what we were doing and by us telling him this, he learned more than if we had tried to teach him what we were planning to teach him before coming in through the door. He knew and he was crushed, and so were we.

My loved ones, this situation is the exact same bland, simple and basic situations we have with God every day, it is so simple but Satan would have you think otherwise you are either going to do or not do it, you are either going to say yes or no. And depending on which path you take, you will either place yourself along side God and in His grasp or place a wall between you. Do not let yourself make a choice you'll regret.  

Love to you all!
Elder Alger

Every once in a while you see houses like this in Detroit.

Headed straight toward the heart of Detroit.

Graffiti Picture of the Week

You can see Canada from here in some places and Ambassador Bridge goes straight to it!

Elder Sawyer and I had our own little Valentine's "date night" with brownies and chess. hahaha

Blowing out the candles!


  1. Wow, what tough choices Sam has had to make. He is such a good communicator, I just love reading about his adventures. He doesn't seem to be bothered by the extreme cold.
    Aunt Kathy

  2. He speaks to me every week. .plain& straight! Love that man of God!