My Mission Call

Called to serve in the Michigan, Detroit Mission in the Spanish language from September 2014- September 2016

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First News From the MTC

Well it's been an interesting week! There's so much to do! It turns out I'm the only missionary going to the Michigan, Detroit Spanish speaking mission in the entire MTC! Which is a bummer, but my district is great. We are district 135b and it consists of eight elders. My companion is Elder Samuel Pyle, he's from West Valley Utah and is going to the Florida, Orlando Spanish speaking mission. The other missionaries missions are Ecuador, Argentina, and Columbia! The first thing I did when I got to the MTC was go to our classroom.  I was the first elder to get there and I was alone with our teacher who will only speak Spanish to us, even on the first day. Spanish is fun but very intimidating. This last week I have successfully told our practice Spanish investigator that I was pregnant and told my teacher that "he pleases me"..... awesome right?? I've learned that if I want to be successful my drive must not be for myself but for the others I will be teaching. This applies to Spanish, or gospel doctrine.

But here is some great news! I am going to be singing in the General Conference MTC Choir for the priesthood session! and they said every one of us will get camera time, so be looking for me! It's really nice to be in a choir again I feel like it keeps me sane sometimes, even if I can successfully fall asleep while in the middle of singing! Brother Eggett (who is a friend our family met during the summer) remembered my name immediately, which was an honor!

While up here you really need to know why you are here. The first four days were miserable because I was so concerned about myself. But as I've been here I've learned that I need to act, learn, and teach with love as my drive. And when you are constantly seeking to love and help others you forget all your own problems, because so long as we are in the service of our God  and His children, He will fix our concerns according to our faith.

But out of this whole week, the biggest thing that has stuck out to me is that it doesn't matter if I have to faith to move mountains, if I don't have charity, I am nothing.


Elder Alger

Brother Eggett, the MTC choir director and me

Good friend from home, Zack Rolfe, reported to the MTC the same day as me.

There is already snow on the mountains!


  1. So Awesome, It seems so long ago that he left already...weird.

  2. so glad you were able to connect with Bro. Eggett! My kids are excited for conference and hope to be able to see you in the choir.

  3. In the choir? That's so cool! Love the Spanish class bloopers! haha.