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Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 24 - Love is the answer

So, I have some new insights to share with all of you. I don't know if any of you have noticed this before but the phrase "faith, hope, charity, and love" pop out to me all the time from scriptures in the Old Testament all the way to Doctrine and Covenants all the way to talks given by modern-day prophets. I have been thinking about what are the significance of these words and attributes of Christ in comparison to all the other endless qualities of Christ we need to learn? What makes these four things so important? Well here we go, this is what I've learned as I have studied and applied these things for myself.

So we have been asked to live as Christ lived and to apply His countless attributes to our own lives. Unfortunately we all come to the bitter realization that it is impossible for us to ever be like Christ in this life. No matter how great and pure our passion and desire may burn in our hearts, we will fail. But God knew this would happen. So He gave us a simpler task to forgo. He gave us "faith, hope, charity, and love", that if a man was to apply these four simple and great things man would have the best advantage to become more literally like His Son.

And I have seen this by experience, that a man can become more like Christ by even just applying but one of these things. I have been trying to truly live with love in my heart and actions and by doing so with honest effort I have seen part of the Heavens open unto me. And I know and have testimony of how important, precious, and desirable these principles are that we can become even as Christ and have access to all of His attributes if we would just but apply these four principles.

However... we have been told it would take more than a life time to truly understand these things, don't lose hope in your efforts, that's why God has given us eternity.

But what are the blessings I have seen then? As I have tried to lose myself to love I find myself quickly passing the day by with a light heart, clarity of mind, desire to continue to work, and a love for this gospel. Love truly is the answer to everything. With love I find action, meditation, and fulfilled purpose. I lose my weaknesses and find new strength. I become more confident in myself and my works. I become a righteous man with righteous thoughts. I become a priesthood man, a faithful man, a tender man, a missionary man, a man of God. I become like my Savior in word and deed. I become that man I know I want to be. Blessed be our Loving Heavenly Father and everlasting His glory. And everlasting be the man who not only has love but lives and becomes love.

May we all learn to live by "faith, hope, charity and love" and in doing so see the blessings of heaven open to us.

Here's a quote that has helped me act with love:

"When you judge a man or woman, judge the intentions of heart. It is not by words, particularly, nor actions, that men will be judged in the great day of the Lord; but, in connection with words and actions, the sentiments and intentions of the heart will be taken, and by these will men be judged." BUT, "If I judge my brethren and sisters, unless I judge them by the revelations of Jesus Christ, I have not the Spirit of Christ; If I had, I should judge no man."
-President Brigham Young

Until next week, Loves!

 You can't really tell in the picture but this is a Pitthuahua! It's a super buff little ankle biting machine! 

Graffiti picture of the week, this one is one of my favorites!

I guess this is called the sorority squat, I've never participated in such acts before my mission but, I guess now I have, it's not a new thing apparently though. haha

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