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Called to serve in the Michigan, Detroit Mission in the Spanish language from September 2014- September 2016

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 27 - A Wedding and Baptisms to Come!

So for two transfers here in the South Detroit River Area Elder Sawyer and I have been working with a family. The mother and father's names are Maria and Ricardo and they have one 8 year old son Juan who is fantastic and an ADORABLE little baby girl named Victoria. Maria has known something was different with what we were talking about from the very start. In one lesson she said  "When I did my communions in Catholic church I felt something, but nothing like this." She has been super sensitive to the spirit from the start and has lead her family in this courageous life-changing path. Her boyfriend Ricardo has been a little slower but it has been exactly what he needed. He was feeling the spirit but not asking the necessary questions. He has always been more than supportive of us and our teachings and Maria's desire to be baptized by proper priesthood authority but hasn't felt the call for himself.

We've been working for weeks with Ricardo trying to help him get his answer and what it came down to was he cannot get an answer if he doesn't ask! Well, he finally did ask God if the Book of Mormon is true and got his answer in a way God knew it would confirm to him that he needs to be baptized.

Since this moment Maria and Ricardo have been on fire, swallowing all of the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom in one sitting and ready to follow all the rules with no fear or concern. They simply asked, where can we get married and which of our tea do we need to throw away?

But as we come to a closing of this transfer with only two weeks left and the dates of the marriage and baptism undecided, it may come to the point where I may not be here to witness it. But I don't really care! Whether these ordinances are performed or viewed by me it does not matter, so long as they partake of these necessary saving ordinances!!

They will always be a part of my life, even after my mission, they will be under my loving care for the rest of my life!

Let us not overwhelm ourselves with confusion and emotions, settling for the little bursts of the spirit we can feel like Ricardo only some short time ago. But seek answers by asking and by partaking of the whole fruit!

Until next week!
Elder Alger

Graffiti pics of the week!

Yep! Here are the new specs! This mission thing is turning me into a nerd!

Just demolishing the burnt houses of Detroit!

Forgive my saggy suit, I look like such a dork!

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