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Called to serve in the Michigan, Detroit Mission in the Spanish language from September 2014- September 2016

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 28 - Live for Christ

So just one thing I'd love to note is that I have new found joy in ironing my shirts, there is just something relaxing and wonderful about it. I know I'm weird.

We have been told to become saints through Christ and the more I am out on my mission the more I learn how difficult the challenges Christ faced were. We face similar challenges in our days and these challenges can become increasingly difficult. It is through these challenges that I have learned just exactly why man is so much more willing to die for Christ than to live for Christ. Why is that though? Well, it's because man is weak. Man can be willing to suffer his body to be burned in the name of Christ and have the faith to move mountains, but if he does not live for Christ than he has nothing. I have learned so much on my mission, my loved ones. I know that our sufferings here on the earth truly are for but a small moment and it is after we have LIVED for Christ that we will have eternity to be at peace.

But do we have to suffer in all the time that we spend here on earth? Absolutely not. We know that man is that he might have joy. But if we do not keep the commandments of the very god that has given us that promise then we ourselves have no promise. We must be willing to put everything we have on the altar of sacrifice, for what we have in this life is not ours, that time will come in the next life. We must be willing to sacrifice everything my friends, nothing is of more worth or value than the pearl of great price. Through sacrifice we find the things of real value, the things we have really desired all along. Sacrifice undoes the failing sight of man and it is then when we sacrifice all that we can see as God sees and we have unfailing desire to act only in the ways of life.

I love you all, until next week,
Elder Alger

PS If you have time this video expresses much of what I have spoken about, John Tanner is a huge example to me. (Shout out to the Tanner family for having such a great ancestor!)

I had the honor of working with my zone leader Elder Heidi, What I lion of a man, I love him!

The abandoned train station, that been used in several movies including the first transformers! 

One big cheesy smile for the camera!

Just another super cool church here in Detroit!

Just another one of the church

Just posing for the camera, my clothes are waaaay too big on me!

These flags pretty much represent all of Detroit.

Graffiti pics of the week

Love it!!!

 A couple years ago our branch used to meet in this building! Now its abandoned! 

Some parts of Detroit are beautiful still! haha

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