My Mission Call

Called to serve in the Michigan, Detroit Mission in the Spanish language from September 2014- September 2016

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Served With All Diligence

OK, Loves,  I'm back home.  Due to an honorable medical release, and as a result of that the Lord has revealed to me that my work in Detroit is done and that I need to hasten the work and continue to serve as a tool in the hand of the Lord on the home front. I couldn't be happier to be home and to be with the ones that I love.  And I am excited for what life and Lord will bring me.  I will miss those that the Lord has brought into my path, back in what I now call home, Detroit. And I pray as I continue to work hard here that the Lord will bless my new family that I have left back in Michigan. My heart will always be with them and I will do all that I can to maintain contact and visit. I am happiest where the Lord wants me to be.

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  1. Hey Sam, Zac Reynolds, I'm sure you remember me but if not I was in your ward(s) for quite awhile when you were growing up. I came home off a medical release as well after only 9 weeks. A sister in our ward at the time gave me a great word of wisdom when I came home.

    The Lord asks us to have a desire to serve, and to serve with all of our heart, might, mind and strength. He never gives us a time requirement.

    Though your body may have let you down, you have not let the Lord down. If you ever want to chat your mom and dad are friends on FB.

    Zac Reynolds