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Called to serve in the Michigan, Detroit Mission in the Spanish language from September 2014- September 2016

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 29 - Feels Like a Second Mission Call

Much has happened this week. We have taught a lot, worked a lot and prayed even more. It seems as though Detroit was giving it's own way of saying good bye to me, I've never had so many people just wave and say hi or good morning to us and I've also never experienced so much love and support from people we absolutely do not know. A large Mexican man yelled at us to come over to him (which normally means trouble in Detroit) but he bought Elder Sawyer and I 3 tacos each and said "That's it?! You need more!" I got 3 Tacos con tripa or 3 tacos with cow intestines, it's actually pretty good! We convinced him that we were just fine and asked him why he did all this and he just said because he loves the missionaries and Mormons, so we left with huge smiles on our faces! I've also never had so many people compliment my Spanish or really just say look at how much you have learned in only 7 months, it's really nice to not feel like a failure haha. But I know why it's all possible and may the praise be God's forever. But yes my friends I am leaving, and I don't know where I am going, all I know is I am leaving this part of Detroit and it feels like leaving home again, I had a hard time sleeping Saturday night after transfer calls. I slept better the night before I was leaving to the MTC that's how much I love this place. But I know that I am happier where the Lord wants me to be. I will be back Detroit!

My loved ones, on another note when the call comes will you be prepared? I had the opportunity to give blessing this week to a young girl who completely messed up her leg and wore two different braces and had crutches. During the blessing I felt impressed to command her to be healed. But the impression was so quick, so subtle that I nearly missed it and I didn't use the words Heavenly Father had given me to begin with but towards the end of the prayer I corrected myself. The next day she was completely of the braces but still had the crutches but nevertheless had made great improvement. God has power over all and though He can work his wonders without us He has given the Priesthood that He may bless man by working through them. I am confident that it was because of my unpreparedness that she was not completely healed. Thus I say when the call comes, will you be prepared? The call will be swift and quiet. Will you hear it? Will you complete the task as commanded or will you stagger? Let us always be prepared to allow God to work His wonders through us, for His work is the Work of Wonders and he has given us each a part to play in His Marvelous Work.

Until next week,
Elder Samuel Afton Alger

Us and Lawrence (a less active we are working with)

graffiti picture of the week

 I now actually know what they mean when the primary kids sing popcorn popping! haha 

popcorn popping 

wood pecker, I love all the different birds out here!

the popcorn tree 

popcorn popping has a whole knew meaning for me now!

Well looks like I'm leaving the homeland of Detroit after being here for 6 months, these are some people I have gotten pretty close too! 
left to right: Elder Sawyer, Itamar, Me haha, Lawrence, Salvador, Hermano Flores, Hermana Flores, Hermana Ferreira, and in the front is Hermano Islas (our branch mission leader) 

President Junca (sorry it's blurry) oh and by the way I got that suit at salvation army for 9 bucks haha 

President Bobo!

bike ridin

this is bullet, our "pet" stray dog that comes around for some loves

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